Web3 Tokenized Customer Loyalty Program

Client: Station Casinos

Intergalactic partnered with Station Casinos and Mintable to develop the STN Charms program, a ground-breaking interoperable NFT-based loyalty program for the customers at Station Casinos.

Station Casinos sought to enhance its customer loyalty program by integrating NFT technology to offer a unique, engaging experience for members of its Boarding Pass loyalty program. The vision was to create a seamless, user-friendly platform for guests to buy, sell, and trade collectible charms while maintaining the excitement of casino gaming. With Intergalactic's expertise in Web3 blockchain technology and experience developing engaging digital platforms, Station Casinos looked to our team to bring this vision to life.

We collaborated closely with Station Casinos' brilliant innovation team and Mintable, a blockchain platform that specializes in NFTs, to develop an interoperable Web3 customer loyalty program. Key components of the solution included:

1. Strategy and Design: Intergalactic worked with Station Casinos to fine-tune the customer loyalty strategy and design the digital Charm tokens, ensuring an appealing and engaging gaming experience.

2. Application Development: Our team built a user-friendly application that allowed guests to buy and sell collectible charms, enhancing the gaming experience and enabling guests to earn rewards as they played.

3. Web3 Integration: We created the Web3 applications and APIs required for the STN Charms program, ensuring seamless integration with the existing casino infrastructure.

4. Ongoing Support: Intergalactic will continue to manage the STN Charms program, including the Web3 applications and APIs, providing updates and improvements to ensure the platform's continued success.

The STN Charms program is expected to deliver significant benefits for Station Casinos, providing an innovative and engaging loyalty program for their guests. By introducing STN Charms, the casino aims to boost guest engagement, with players anticipated to enjoy collecting, trading, and leveling up their charms. The program is also designed to foster a sense of community among Boarding Pass Members, with members having the opportunity to trade or purchase charms among each other on a digital marketplace.

The innovative nature of the STN Charms program has the potential to attract attention from both industry-specific and mainstream media outlets, increasing visibility and positioning Station Casinos as a forward-thinking leader in the gaming industry. The introduction of this program will serve as a proving ground for Web3 token-based technology in loyalty programs across the gaming industry. With a strong foundation in place, Station Casinos can continue to expand and enhance the program, capitalizing on new opportunities and future technological advancements.

Here's a look at the STN Charms in action.