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If you like to be the best and enterprise grade technology intersecting high end design and usability gets your motor running, you need to join our team.

A typical day at Intergalactic:

You started your day with a Nespresso and a sampling of another great smoothie one of your teammates made from the fruit and veggies in the kitchen. Sipping away you began coding an interactive multi-screen interface that will be used by thousands and seen by more. You moved on to a meeting in the "Pod" where you ideated on an augmented reality solution for one of our clients. During this meeting a debate broke out over the merits of the UX in “Minority Report”, but it was valuable time because a new interaction concept came out of it. You put the concept to the test by prototyping and sharing with the rest of the team.

Later in the afternoon, because it's Friday you used your "Ten Percent" time working on an internal project that you and your group selected as a way to improve shape recognition with computer vision.

Your day ended sharing a drink with friends and planning out what you'd do on your next "Tour of Duty" swap between our Vancouver and London offices.

Our growing family of techies and designers get to play with interactive, mobile, web and 3D viz tools every day while working on some of the world’s biggest brands. Team members are encouraged to explore and invent with the latest technologies so that we can offer our clients the newest of the new. That said, we work hard. We work hard because our clients demand the best and we want to knock it out of the park every time. But if you aren’t doing what you do because you want your work to absolutely rock, then why are you doing it?

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