Our mission is to revolutionize businesses through cutting-edge technology solutions that solve complex problems, unlock new opportunities, and enable innovation.

As a trusted partner to Fortune 50 companies, offering unmatched engineering and creative capabilities, we are committed to delivering innovative and transformative solutions that drive business success, inspire industry leadership, and create lasting value for our clients and stakeholders.

Join Our Crew

Intergalactic is a team of empowered innovators, thought leaders, and process driven creatives. We are passionate about the future of tech, and consistently push the bounds of interactivity to build future proof solutions for our clients. We are proud to be at the forefront of cutting edge tech, and our team works collaboratively using intuitive technology to solve modern day problems.

We also believe that inclusion, diversity, and camaraderie are integral to our culture. We recognize that unique perspectives and individual strengths make us stronger, igniting our creativity and propelling us to push the boundaries of innovation.

A happy, healthy, fun working environment is of paramount importance to us, and we pride ourselves on being an inclusive and welcoming team. We believe that unique differences means a stronger, closer team, and diversity is celebrated. We’re all about connecting socially as well as on a professional level. Expect spontaneous team outings, team lunches, and movie nights. It’s your birthday?! You’ll be treated with cake.

If you’re someone who dedicates themselves to delivering innovative, bespoke projects that delight clients, then Intergalactic is the place for you. Browse our open job listings or send in your resumé.