Minecraft Quest WebAR Retail Activation

Client: Microsoft

Minecraft Quest is an innovative and interactive AR game that offers a unique and engaging way to experience the world of Minecraft in a retail store. This is Intergalactic's 2nd retail activation for Microsoft Minecraft, and ran exclusively at Big W stores throughout Australia from Jan 5th to Feb 2nd, 2023. Intergalactic was responsible for the concept, design, and development of the Minecraft Quest AR experience, including the UX and UI, the onboarding, and creating all the CG Minecraft world assets of this project.

Our collaboration began with Microsoft and Mojang Studios approaching us to create a new web-AR in-store experience for Minecraft merchandise sales, following the popularity of Minecraft Scavenger Hunt in 2021. With the success of Minecraft Scavenger Hunt, the client was seeking another brand activation strategy that could deliver robust merchandise sales results, similar to those achieved in 2021. We were fortunate to work with the talented team at Merchantwise Group once again, who handled the licensing and brought the game to life by providing an exciting in-store experience for shoppers of all ages at Big W stores.

Minecraft Quest is an AR retail experience that takes the form of an in-store scavenger hunt featuring all your favorite Minecraft characters. Developed using cutting-edge web-based Augmented Reality (WebAR) technology from Niantic's 8th Wall, Minecraft Quest enables users to play the game directly on their own mobile device, without the need to download a dedicated app. It introduces the use of portals, which adds an extra layer of immersion to the AR experience. Upon accessing the Minecraft Quest website on their mobile device, users are transported into the world of Minecraft through a virtual portal. Their goal is to seek out Minecraft characters located on point-of-sale signages scattered throughout the Big W store. Once they find a character, users scan the target, revealing an AR portal that has a special gem hidden within. With each collected gem, the user moves one step closer to claiming an exciting Minecraft prize at the store's customer service desk.

Minecraft Quest delivered over 12,500 unique user experiences over the 30-day promotion at all Big W store locations, averaging about 450 users a day. These numbers build upon the success of the 2021 Minecraft Scavenger Hunt, which boosted Big W's SKU sales by 250%.

This project has been featured on the popular AR tech blog Niantic's 8th Wall Blog, and mentioned on Immersivewire's newsletter.