Dell Technologies World AR App

Client: Dell

The Vision
Dell Technologies World 2019, hosted this year in Vegas, is all about Real transformation for the future of technology.
The focus of Dell’s forum is to explore the technological vision for the future - how to reinvent processes, how to innovate faster, and how to create game changing value for businesses worldwide.

Intergalactic were approached by Dell Technologies to help design and build three interactive augmented reality experiences for three of their sponsors being featured in Vegas: Cloud City Solutions, Latitude Laptop Computing, and McLaren F1 Racing.
Dell’s goal was to create imaginative, interactive experiences that reinforce brand and tied into their overall gamification of the exhibition floor.
The experiences centered on Dell marketing products and existing campaigns with the intent to reinforce or reuse existing assets.

The Build
The augmented reality interactions showcase a combination of direct mobile 3D object manipulation, callouts, animations and deep linking to additional content.
Intergalactic worked against a tight timeframe to deliver an extensive evolution of storyboards, ideation, design concepts, and finally the 3D assets featured in each activation. The end result featured three slick branded interactions, enabling a user to rotate, explode, and explore different products and messages around human progress and innovation.

The Tech
WebAR uses readable targets that are used to trigger and anchor the AR experience from within a mobile device's web browser.
Using 3D Max, our CG team worked to optimize 3D CAD files for mobile compatibility by trimming polygons and cleaning up topology and meshes. Using Substance Painter, we adjusted textures to ensure an accurate and vibrant look for each of the models - including getting all of the logos and details right on the McLaren model. All of this was exported to the rapidly popular gLTF format to give the best output quality/performance on our mobile devices.

The Partnership
Intergalactic worked alongside the existing partners involved directly with the event to help guide fabrication, printing, and coordination of content, ensuring a cohesive experience across the board. The team also worked closely with the EventBase app platform vendors to create deep links and test integrated flow from Event app to Web app flow, incorporating the three activations into a wider gamification project.

The Activations
The Latitude 7400 2-in-1 Laptop and tablet
Virtually hold the new Latitude 7400 2-in-1 in your hand and explore the product’s inner workings with an exploded view of parts, detailing out the complex components that make it such a powerful machine - revolutionizing the way you work.
The new offering from Dell features Dell ExpressSign-in, the first PC proximity sensor enabled by Intel® Context Sensing Technology, as well as an impressive 24 hour battery life.

McLaren F1 Model
With the help of Dell Technologies, McLaren Motorsport is able to simulate race car systems and track conditions, so the driver and team are prepared for anything. Explore the virtual F1 race car that gives Team McLaren an edge all the way to the finish line, and learn why McLaren is 2019’s recipient of the Dell Technologies World customer award.

Cloud City
Our 3D augmented reality model for Cloud City simulates a smart city that uses essential cloud infrastructure to gain competitive advantage. See how Cloud solutions can empower progress in every organization through Scaling on Demand, Multi-cloud Operations, Modern Apps, and Cloud Migration.

Project: Augmented Reality App
Client: Dell Technologies - Marketing
Role: Concept, UX/UI, CD, AR Development, Web, Front End, Back End Development
Credits: Partner Vendors - Cloud City booth (Left Field Labs), McLaren / Latitude booth - Opus Agency
Completion: April 29 - May, 2019
Event: Dell Technologies World 2019 - The Venetian Sands, Las Vegas