EY Robots Interactive Tour
A global tour showcasing EY's innovative edge.
Microsoft Minecraft Retail Activation
The World's First In-Store Minecraft Scavenger Hunt
Dell Technologies World AR App
Augmented Reality App
Inmarsat Augmented Reality Kiosk
AR Tablets and Kiosk Design
HPE Discover London Tour App
UX, UI, Mobile, Interactive
Montreal Mural Festival App
Augmented Reality Mobile App

Telus Gardens

Promotional commercial
Experiential Brand Solutions, Video/Photo, Motion/CG

Areas of Expertise

End to End Product Innovation

We help you along the way from idea generation to product launch. Building custom industry-first technology solutions that address key business challenges. We reduce time to market and give you a competitive edge by being your development partner.

Experiential Brand Solutions

Leveraging extended reality technologies and the latest customer experience research, we push the boundaries of phygital, hybrid, virtual and physical worlds to engage your target audience and tell a story. Whether you are looking for a powerful experiential solution for your brand marketing campaign or planning an AR/VR experience at a venue, we are here to help make it happen.

Creative Enterprise Applications

We have established ourselves as the trusted advisors to enterprise clients for scalable development and delivery. We create a shared understanding for your stakeholders and help you communicate key messages creatively through enterprise applications.

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