Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Games and Applications

Immersive AR and VR experiences converge art & technology

At Intergalactic, we live and breathe web, mobile, interactive, and visualization. We are excited to showcase our Augmented and Virtual reality experiences. Step into the future with our games and interior design showroom to see how science fiction is merged with practical applications and enhanced entertainment, in a fully engulfing experience.

Virtual Reality is tipped to be the next big innovation in the property marketing sector. Intergalactic are already creating virtual environments for a number of our clients and investing in bringing this technology into practical every-day use.

Intergalactic has a long history in the real estate and interior design arena. Our CGI team crafts beautifully lit environments for an international clientele. With a natural extension into the virtual world, these models can come to life and be experienced in a way never before seen. Our custom interface allows visitors to navigate and "walk through" a virtual simulation of an evironment and get a sense of space that a static image cannot convey. Our CGI artists and animators create impactful visuals to show what their future home will look like. Passionate for photography, we use drones, balloons and cranes to create memorable images.

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Intergalactic created a unique master plan model using Augmented Reality for Concord Pacific. This was a first of a kind project for Canada's largest community builder. Our decision to use AR, was to enhance the traditional wooden and perspex models.

Our creative technologists ensured the visitor experience was memorable, engaging and provided deeper information in a easy to use manner. With the iPads, we augmented digital content about the master plan scheme, over the physical model. Using Occlusion Detection we were able to present digital content, such as highlighted transport routes behind the physical elements such as buildings or bridges.

Intergalactic's marketing suites are fully integrated experiences. We work with architects and interior designers to create the perfect space and digital experience. From small single screen suites, to large showrooms, we can deliver a rock solid solution. We help our clients deliver brave visions to stand out against the competition. Our cross platform technical experience helps create engaging and memorable installations that are proven to improve the sales performance of a property development.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality are the future of property marketing.

VR and AR are providing new avenues to explore when communicating ideas, visions and designs to stakeholders and customers. VR can take immersive experiences to target customers anywhere in the world. Contact us for a demo.