Urban Heat Virtual Fitting Room

Urban Heat, a unicorn start-up founded by two ex-Adidas executives, needed help to build a virtual fitting room app that could provide accurate virtual representations on the look and sizing of clothing items. Urban Heat's ambitions was to enter the digital fashion space and also help clothing manufacturers improve customer frustration and reduce costs associated with returns.

Our application incorporates LiDAR technology to scan the user to get an exact digital representation of their body on a mobile device. The app accurately scans and models the clothing items to match the draping and sizing to the digital version to the real-world. Any item the user digitally tries on will react accurately according to the user movements and the fabric elasticity.

This virtual fitting room created by IG reduces customer frustration for eCommerce, thereby reducing waste and carbon footprint. Our solution was showcased at DigitalX 2021 opening in Cologne as an industry-first innovation, and has caught the attention of Fortune 50 apparel companies and technology companies. Our app also provided Urban Heat with the to operate in the digital fashion space.