Tsawwassen Mills Digital Installations

Intergalactic was invited by Ivanhoé Cambridge, a global real estate industry leader, to consult and implement on their Tsawwassen Mills mall digital art installations. At 1.2 million square feet, it is one of the largest malls in the country.

Our team collaborated on three digital interactive amenities within the mall designed to enhance and delight users of the shopping centre. The feature installations create a sense of space and enhance the shopping experience. All the installations support the Tsawwassen Mills mall welcoming function for tourists, visitors, new and returning shoppers and Tsawwassen First Nation artists.

The Central Hearth is an 18’ tall LED light pillar which displays a pre-programmed sequence of First Nations themed animations. Fabricated by our partners Eos Light Media and 3D Services, the column is comprised of 6000 individually programmable LED modules and a digital control system that allows the dynamic display of graphics, images. Intergalactic was proud to be able to work with Tsawwassen First Nations artists and facilitators to weave cultural themes into concept sketches & storyboards. The resulting vibrant animations play throughout the day and the motion graphics include bold Coast Salish figures of eagles, coyotes, orca pods, fire, and salmon woven into a mesmerizing display of literal and abstract sequences. The pillar is surrounded by a carved faux stone base and bronzed flame sculpture. Figuratively, this piece represents the central hearth of the longhouse, which is where the fire was kept alight and formed the focal point for the First Nations family.

The objective of the Hearth is to engage visitors to view the unique technology, inspire visitors to bask in the contemporary sculpture as a canvas for art, and to educate visitors on aspects of Tsawwassen First Nations culture through thematic details of animation and design.

Project: Central Hearth
Client: Ivanhoé Cambridge
Partners: 3D Services, Eos Light Media
Role: Concept Sketches & Illustration / Interactive / Animation / Consultation

Artist Recognition Tablet Kiosks include a series of three, touch interactive displays that profiles artwork within the Tsawwassen Mills Shopping Centre. As a destination mall, the $600 million mega-mall features roughly $15 million in art. The Artist Recognition Tablets allow users to find out information about the various artwork within the mall, and inform visitors about the artists and creative process; the kiosks acknowledge the contributions of key artists to the centre and provide a medium for displaying information about artwork.

Project: Artist Recognitions Kiosk
Role: Photography / Art Direction / Interactive