Palo Alto Networks Gamified Experience

Keeping your audience engaged - Palo Alto Networks were looking for a way to add some extra buzz to their annual sales conference. Something that was competitive to suit the nature of their teams. Something that was fun and easy to engage with. And if it was possible to learn more about their products and services whilst taking part then all the boxes would be ticked.

Our Mobile App solution met all their criteria. It was web based so there was no need to download a dedicated App and was location and QR code driven so the questions asked were never ahead of an attendee's progress through the event. Real-time statistics and leaderboard tracking enabled all participants to see how they were doing and they received praise and encouragement depending on their level of progress.

High engagement with low drop-outs - The initiative was an instant success with delegates. Within five hours of launch the App it had amassed a total of 23,991 engagements and a peak of 4,205 concurrent active users. 13,849 QR code scans had taken place which corresponded to roughly one scan every second.