Montreal Mural Festival App

Augmented Reality Mobile App
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Montreal Mural Festival is an 11 day iconic gathering attracting 500K+ festival goers annually with programming that revolves around the live creation of Murals and street art. LNDMRK the creative agency focused on art integration, marketing, and art related events was looking to elevate the Montreal Mural Festival event through an immersive experience.

We built an augmented reality application for festival goers to find specific pieces of art, get more info on them, and experience interactive and immersive art while walking through the festival area. The app also allowed participants to get real-time updates on festival programming, enjoy existing tours, or create and save their own. Our work helped a pandemic affected festival become a success story among the urban innovation communities and we are in continued partnership with LNDMRK to bring the app to the wider art community.

Montreal Mural Festival App has also recently been awarded as an Webby Awards 2023 Honoree for Best Arts, Fashion & Culture in the Metaverse, Immersive & Virtual Category.

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