Lululemon Interactive Fitting Room Experience

Lululemon is an innovator in the world of retail and encourages the discovery of new ways to engage with customers. With this strategic deployment of RFID in select stores we were able to enhance the in-store lululemon experience. This project was an example of how best to leverage RFID from a technical and sales approach. In this campaign, we sought to create a concierge like experience that suggested related products to a customer within the changing room environment.

We created a tablet app that allowed RFID tags on clothing to automatically trigger contextual interactive content in the fitting room. A customer would bring a variety of clothing to their changing room and each article of clothing would be identified via RFID tag and be presented as a gallery on a mounted iPad within the changing room. The tablets would let the customer engage further to find out about the chosen items in greater detail and get them to point-of-sale quicker. They may be presented with related apparel, front and back product shots, videos, lifestyle montages, and optional colours or sizing. From this the user may select an alternate to something they have chosen/tried and then have a sales assistant be notified, retrieve the new article, and hand deliver to their changing room.

The campaign goals were to create an enhanced shopping experience for the customer in a proposed concierge scenario that was enabled by technology, but still fundamentally human. This tool increased the quality connection time with the products by reducing the anxiety of searching, ie: the associated anxiety with change rooms where leaving for a moment means getting dressed/undressed repeatedly, leaving valuables. With the digital concierge app we were increasing the customer exposure to relevant and ideal products suited for them.

The campaign was fundamental to Lululemon's mission, as it was important for the store ambassadors to create real relationships with their guests and understand what they were passionate about, how they liked to sweat, and help them celebrate their health goals.