Inmarsat Augmented Reality Kiosk

AR Tablets and Kiosk Design

Intergalactic UK partnered with creative agencies, Ogilvy and Jotta, to create an immersive installation for their client Inmarsat Commercial Aviation & Safety & Ops Services. Inmarsat featured two exhibitor booths at the APEX 2016 tradeshow in Malaysia to showcase their services. One booth was centred around our Augmented Tablet application to highlight 12 in-flight experiences that the company brings to their customers.

Since the exhibit launched, it has travelled from Singapore to Nyon, Hamburg, Madrid, and Long Beach. Recently, Intergalactic & OgilvyOne Business were awarded a Data and Marketing Association Echo Gold Award for the Best Use of VR & AR in a campaign. Inmarsat Aviation won for Best Inflight Connectivity Innovation at the APEX Awards 2017.

The Bring It On campaign has transformed Inmarsat's position in the industry enabling them to lead the pack in the connected aircraft evolution. The campaign has also been nominated for more several B2B Marketing awards, so we hope to be winning more awards soon for Inmarsat Aviation.

Visitors to the booth were invited on a “flight to Barcelona,” given an iPad and instructed to step inside a representation of an aircraft cabin and cockpit. Using augmented reality, visitors became passengers and experienced stories related to how the in-flight journey can be enriched with connectivity. The final design of the kiosk mimicked the look of an airline interior complete with oval windows and a neon cockpit outline. Each oval window allowed the visitor to trigger the AR on their tablet and receive a video/interactive walkthrough. Within each window is an artifact on a pedestal that signified an aspect of service: wi-fi, in flight e-commerce, safety, productivity, website, magazine, etc. Visitor pathways took them down the aisle until they reached the cockpit. Intergalactic's team programmed the app that drove the experience including Augmented Reality, interactivity, CGI renders, and animated motion graphics to complete the immersive experience. The second booth was conceived and designed by our UK team.

Intergalactic worked together to support the Ogilvy team in brainstorming for technical considerations and complete the programming/hardware implementation of the final piece. Design was done by Ogilvy and installation site design by Jotta.

The success of the campaign was seen in the excitement by Inmarsat team, airline affiliates, attendees, and shareholders. This translated into increased engagement, partnership leads, positive response from customers, and even a surge in corporate stock valuation. Inmarsat was on the front page of the APEX daily for 2 of the 3 days, which was a direct reflection of the positivity of a story well told at APEX.

Project: APEX 2016 Augmented Reality Kiosk
Client: Inmarsat Commercial Aviation
Photography: Ben James, Jotta Studio
Case Study Video: Ogilvy One Business
Role: UX Design / Interactive / Mobile / Consultation
Partners: Jotta Studios, Installation Design; Ogilvy UK, Interface Design / Video; Equinox Design