HoloLens Mixed Reality Digital Twin

Advanced Agricultural Solutions

The Challenge: Our client, a Fortune 50 advisory firm, had helped a client in the agricultural-science industry grow from a provider of seeds to provider of advanced agricultural solutions. They wanted to showcase the client's complex and highly optimized agricultural processes in a way that stakeholders from various backgrounds understood and appreciated.

Our Solution: We created a mixed reality experience using the Microsoft HoloLens platform where we immersed users in the high-tech environment of one of their client’s wheat farms. Highlights of this experience include: A drone flying over the user’s shoulder. A head of wheat exploding with icons on the seeds signifying the cost benefits of the client’s agricultural solutions. The soil being scanned for lack of nutrition. Molecules appearing over the soil to signify nourishment being added to the identified areas

The Impact: Our solution was awe inspiring and helped bring those immersed in the experience grow an appreciation for their client’s highly optimized processes and solutions. Similar mixed reality solutions have since been leveraged in sales and marketing efforts to showcase companies’ products and processes.