Foundry Youth Centre VR Tour

How can you show people around, when you can't show people around?

Foundry BC works with vulnerable young people (12-24 years) within specially designed Youth Centres across Canada. Each environment is optimised to ensure that those visiting feel comfortable, safe and secure with every opportunity to reduce their anxiety and stress taken.

Intergalactic were asked to recreate, in detail, their Centers in Virtual Reality as a fully interactive tour experience, enabling young people to familiarise themselves with the Center before they actually visited.

Users can explore individually, or as part of a hosted group (up to 20 participants), allowing them, and Foundry staff, the opportunity to engage with the experience and each other in a manner that best suits the circumstances, occupying the same virtual space, at the sme time in real time.

The initiative proved to be hugely popular with both young people and Foundry staff and since the initial test environment, Intergalactic have been asked to extend the functionality to include all of Foundry BC’s Flagship Centers. Additionally, to broaden accessibility and to compliment the headset based VR version an online desktop and mobile 3D experience was also created.