FNDHO Digital Health & Education Initiative

First Nations Digital Health Ontario (FNDHO), through Inventa, commissioned Intergalactic to develop a digital health and education initiative designed to connect and empower their communities. With governmental support, FNDHO sought to leverage smart tablets in a way that brought health and educational resources closer to the First Nations communities. Intergalactic set up iPads pre-loaded with a selection of health, telemedicine, education, fitness, and nutrition-related apps, such as diagnosis tools, pregnancy trackers and mental wellness resources, as well as communication apps that allowed users to video call with healthcare professionals. For accessibility and privacy, these iPads were set to only permit usage of specific apps selected by FNDHO, and also were programmed to delete the history of any user within an hour. These iPads were provided to 45 First Nations community centers across Ontario.

Our role also included the design and development of custom packaging. Each iPad that we deployed was encased in custom-built, heavy-duty packaging engineered to withstand diverse environments and climates, such as the harsh Canadian winters. Additionally, each iPad was outfitted with a protective shell with a sturdy stand and strap. The kit also contained digital manuals to encourage technological adoption throughout the community. Our responsibility extended to iPad tracking, physical deployment, mobile device management, and ongoing provisioning and technical support, as well as maintaining reports on the initiative's metrics. From the initial consultation through to the final delivery, Intergalactic seamlessly combined our expertise in technology, creative thinking, and equipment production, showcasing comprehensive capabilities in both the realms of programming and hardware infrastructure.

Intergalactic is proud to support an impactful, ongoing initiative that improves access to medical care for First Nations communities across Ontario. This success story underlines our commitment to bridging digital gaps and fostering empowerment through innovative technology.