Rosé Time App - Cannes Festival Activation

Apple Watch using iBeacon Technology

The Rosé Time App is an award winning campaign which includes an app built by the Intergalactic team in a matter of a few short weeks for the Cannes Lions Festival 2015.

We created a simple and fun way for people to understand the future of wearables and customer engagement as envisioned by Intergalactic.

The result was pure magic. With one tap of the wrist, our Rosé Time app for the Apple Watch delivers a complimentary glass of Rosé to VIP attendees on Cannes Lions Beach using iBeacon technology to track their location and smart notifications from Urban Airship.

Project: Rosé Time App
Client: Internal
Role: UX, UI, Mobile

As the Cannes Lions Festival brings together the most creative talent into a single events, we strategized how best to win over the delegates and meet pre-qualified people on the VIP Beaches. We teamed up with Urban Airship to create an activation that allowed us to introduce ourselves via Beacon and Airship technology. The app utilized the best of mobile technology and used beacons to be able to deliver a glass of Rosé wine to patrons on the beach at Cannes, just at the tap of a button on their Apple Watch.

The campaign was a hit and unofficially won the event. Created by our team and powered by Urban Airship’s mobile engagement platform, the Rosé Time app for Apple Watch showcases the types of simple but powerful in-venue experiences brands can quickly deliver to consumers with savvy development, real-time mobile marketing automation using Gimbal beacons, and out-of-the- box support for actionable Watch notifications.

Festival attendees in proximity of the VIP section of Cannes Lions Beach—who have an Apple Watch and the Rosé Time app — receive beacon-triggered notifications enabling them to order a glass of rosé with a single tap to the Watch face. Responses and beacon data associate the order with the table location to streamline delivery. How streamlined? Well our good friend and partner Jason Burby (pictured on the left) actually tested us on it.

“Like the glass of rosé that landed in my hand 40 seconds after tapping my Watch face, the Rosé Time app perfectly blends the digital and physical worlds.” said Jason Burby, President of the Americas at Possible. “This is a great example of how mobile technology can be used to create truly impactful experiences.”

“Our goal isn’t to serve thousands of glasses of wine,” explained Michael Farquhar. “We just thought, what’s more natural than ordering rosé at Cannes? We wanted to show people how digital and personal engagement are coming together to enable cool new experiences such as this one.”

Farquhar said that one the greatest thing about the app, besides the obvious, is that it gets the technology out of the way. “I think this show that we’re finally beginning to deliver personal experiences to people for things that they actually want, in natural ways that are natural to how they want to consume.”

Officially, the campaign won 4 awards: 2015 Davey Award - Silver & gold; W3 Gold Award for Food and Drink Technology, and W3 Gold Award for GPS / Location Technology.